The Surge Crack by CPY

The Surge crack

This time, the well-known hacker team (CPY) cheered the players very quickly. The Surge was hacked on the night of the release of the game.

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The Surge Cracked by CPY on PC

About the game the Surge
Have fights here is somewhat different dynamics. For example, there are fatalities that can be performed after you have inflicted a certain amount of damage and have energy. Then just hold down one of the buttons and your character will hold a spectacular (and very cruel) receiving, in one fell swoop kill opponents. Moreover, some of the equipment allows to treat the wound of a character through successful fatality.

An important role in The Surge plays and the ability to choose what part of the body of opponent to beat. The dismemberment of enemies — primarily a way to get new equipment. For example, if in the right arm of your opponent implanted a huge saw, you can cut off a limb and take the weapon for himself. And depriving the enemy of, for example, legs, to drawing, to create the same element armor.


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